2oz Wax Scent Shots

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Phthalate free parasoy wax scent shots (net weight 1.8oz). Cut them into 1/3s or 1/2s and place them into your warmer of choice. Performs best on 20-24W hot plate warmers. 

Please keep in mind that you may need multiple warmers to fill a larger, more open area, with fragrance. 

Scent shots are packaged in recyclable plastic.

  • Beach Bum - hit the beach and slather yourself with extra coconutty Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion
  • Berry Citrus Fizz - bubbly strawberry and citrus soda with spicy ginger
  • Citrus Bloom - exotic mangosteen, tangy grapefruit, and white tea 
  • Cucumber Mint Spritzer - muddled mint and cucumber lime soda
  • Dark Nights - black chamomile tea
  • Fancy a Drink? - white tea + creamy coconut and peaches
  • Harmonyland - pink sugar, peppermint, and earl grey tea
  • Honey Poached Pears - poached pears with honeycomb chunks and a lavender syrup drizzle
  • Koala Springs - a bubbly blend of fizzy pop and cool menthol and eucalyptus leaves
  • Lavender CocoMilk - coconut milk infused with soft lavender buds
  • Lavender Sands -  lavender + pink sands (Yankee Candle type)
  • Mad Batter - strawberry lavender ice cream scoop bread
  • Malibu Sunset - a tropical fusion passionfruit, satsuma and guava with background notes of raw coconut
  • Mango Shaved Ice - coconut shaved ice topped with mangos and sweetened condensed milk
  • Minty Lavender Milk - a sweet blend of creamy peppermint, lavender, and soy milk (not sugar milk)
  • Miss Honey - French lavender infused with blackberries, raspberries, sweet creamy vanilla, tonka bean and honey (Yankee Candle Honey Lavender Gelato type)
  • Never Sleep Again - pink sugar, champagne, sweet raspberries, red currants, blood orange, strawberry, and peach with a splash of coconut milk
  • Ocean Pearls - ocean mist, sea moss, geranium flower on a bed of vetiver, water mint, and white cedarwood
  • Pillowtalk - pink sugar, shaving cream, and clean cotton sheets
  • Pink Sea Blossom - pink sugar + aquatic green florals
  • Rhubarb Fig - tart rhubarb with a flavor burst of fresh figs
  • Royal-tea - lychee rooibos tea and fresh chunks of ginger
  • Seaside Cove - herbal lavender, crisp peppermint, and salty sea air
  • So Darling - lavender + minty mallow
  • Spa Days - pamper yourself and relax with this calming blend of lemongrass, black currant, sea salt and ocean breeze
  • Summer Crush - honeydew melons, sweet citrus, watermelon with a hint of fizz
  • Sunday Brunchin’ - an effervescent citrus mimosa serve stirred, not shaken
  • Three Wishes - peach pieces, bits of rhubarb, and marigold rooibos blend
  • Violet Sheets - classic clean cotton notes, violet, and crisp lime

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