1oz Wax Melt Scent Shots

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Phthalate free parasoy wax scent shots (net weight 0.8oz), which is the perfect size to pop directly into your warmer of choice. Performs best on 20-24W hot plate warmers. 

Please keep in mind that you may need multiple warmers to fill a larger, more open area, with fragrance. 

Scent shots are packaged in recyclable plastic.

  • Avograss Tea - lemongrass, bergamot, citrus, and green tea
  • Avomelon - creamy avocado, refreshing melon, grapefruit, sugar cane, and sea salt
  • Blackberry Sweet Tea - a burst of fresh blackberries with sweet tea
  • Citrus Bloom - exotic mangosteen, tangy grapefruit, and white tea
  • Fancy a Drink? - white tea + creamy coconut and peaches
  • Harmonyland - pink sugar, peppermint, and earl grey tea
  • Jasmine Jive - warm steeping jasmine green tea leaves
  • Moroccan Mint - a crisp medley of spearmint, peppermint, corn mint and a touch of black tea
  • Petal Power - herbal chamomile tea and creamy French vanilla milk
  • Raspberry Royale - fresh picked raspberries, robust black tea infused with chamomile and served with an almond tea cake
  • Royal-tea - lychee rooibos tea and fresh chunks of ginger
  • Spun Matcha Sugar - matcha green tea, cotton candy, berries, and a touch of champagne
  • Sugar Puff - pink sugar + pillow puff
  • Sweet 16 - mouthwatering berry birthday cake topped with cotton candy frosting
  • Three Wishes - peach pieces, bits of rhubarb, and marigold rooibos blend

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