February 2019 Restock List

WAX MELT 2 PACKS ($1.75, net weight 1.4oz)
  • Be My Valentine - vanilla, blackberries, raspberries, sweet orchid flower, and ambered musk
  • Berried Treasure - vanilla cake donut filled with a fusion of strawberry, raspberry, peach, plum, and cotton candy
  • Blue Canyon - blue sugar and earthy nature bliss
  • Let Go - birch & black pepper (Jo Malone type) with dark vanilla
  • Little Moments - creamy vanilla, blackberry, lemon (B&BW Sweet on Paris type) and sugar cookie dough
  • Raspberry Rose Macaron - almond macaron with raspberry rose creme filling

WAX MELT 1OZ SCENT SHOTS ($1, net weight 0.8oz)

  • Among the Flowers - creamy rice flower, jasmine, shea butter, and sea salt
  • Dreamcatcher - sweet lavender, pink sugar, and peppermint
  • Earl Grey Tea - Earl Grey tea (bergamot + black tea) fit for a queen
  • English Pear & Freesia - ripe pears, white freesia, silky rose, and amber, patchouli, and woods (Jo Malone type)
  • Forest Fruit - woody forests with oak trees and black currants
  • Fuzzy Navel - peaches and orange juice
  • Garden Crossing - ripe juicy blackberries, sweet basil, and sparkling pomelo
  • Lavender Rainforest - rich tropical rainforest with a hint of lavender and sugarcane
  • Lilac Lemonade - lilacs and a splash of lemonade
  • Luna - jasmine, sweet pea, freesia with juicy berries, golden amber and sandalwood (Scentsy Luna type)
  • Mermaid Bay - sea botanicals, salty sea air, blue lotus, and a hint of eucalyptus
  • Minty Mallow - toasted marshmallow and classic candy cane
  • Morning Mist - green grass and freshly fallen rain
  • Orange Ombre Cake - vanilla birthday cake with orange zest and creamsicle frosting
  • Reverie - a serene blend of cotton candy/lemon drops (pink sugar), honey nectar, and lavender

WAX MELT SOUFFLE CUPS ($5.75, net weight 4.5oz)

  • Citrus Spell - lime, neroli, olibanum + love spell (cherry blossoms and peach)
  • Paradise - mangos, juicy lemons, satsuma, and fresh raspberries

Last updated 1/20/2019. List is not finalized.  

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